YORK LIVE! (2011)

A Celebration of Wine,
Food and Music

Brainchild of the young entrepreneur Ravi Gurnani, Director York Winery, he states “YORK LIVE, is a wine festival that promises to win hearts with its unique presentation. This festival in Nashik is an interesting melange of award-winning Nashik wines produced by York Winery with amazing performances by some of India’s and world’s leading bands. We welcome you to share our passion for wine, music and generally all things nice! It’s a fun day where people can take in the beauty of the vineyards in Nashik, enjoy the music, watch the sunset, drink great wine and make friends”. York Live also has activities like grape stomping, carnival games and Wine Tours & Tasting Sessions that keep the patrons enthralled.

York LIVE 2011

Featured Performances by:

  • Shaair ‘n’ Func
  • Rodney Branigan
  • The Mavyns
  • Jalabee Cartel