York Tasting Room:

York Tasting Room is arguably the most picturesque Wine Bar in Nashik. Our friendly team would be happy to offer you a tasting of the entire range of York Wines made in Nashik. We invite you to come savour the subtle flavours & aromas of our wines with a selection of cheese and light snacks while you unwind at the balcony overlooking the lake. You can also sign up for a guided tour of the vineyard and winery to see the winemaking process.


Timings & Packages:

Tasting of 5 wines & tour-

Rs. 150 / person

Tasting of 7 wines & tour–

Rs. 250 / person


Opening Hours:

Winery Tours & Tastings–

Mon to Sun -12pm to 6pm

Guided Wine Tastings–

Mon to Sun - 12pm to 10pm

Tasting Room Opening Hours–

Mon to Sun - 12pm to 10pm

We are open on all days except of national holidays & state govt. declared dry days.Prior bookings necessary only for groups larger than 8-10 people.


+91 9657728070

+91 253 2230700