Located 20 mins from the heart of Nashik city, our state-of-the-artwinery presents a breathtaking view of the tranquil expanse of the Gangapur dam backwaters. This is where our seductive wines with subtle flavours are made.

Our winery is designed on multiple levels where the various production areas of grape receival, crushing, red winemaking, white winemaking, barrel cellar, bottling & storage are located separately in a streamlined fashion. This helps us to transfer wine under gravity wherever possible without the use of pumps. The adverse effect of the vigorous nature of the pumps on the quality of the wines is thus avoided. The underground cellars provide perfect temperature and humidity conditions to age our bottled wines & reserve wines in oak barrels

Our winemaking style is a combination of modern Australian & South African practices with some French Influence. This open minded approach along with the best Italian machines and wine storage capacity of upto 1 million litres has helped us consistently produce some of the best wines from the Nashik Valley.